Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Way to Prove My Point, Proud Georgian!

Just breaking my blog silence (you can find me scribbling about Kartveliana, interactive theatre, and French decadence a bunch of other places this month and next, including Los Angeles Review of Books, Conde Nast Traveller, and the upcoming anthology from Sundress Publications Not Somewhere Else But Here: an Anthology of Women and Place) to share this delightful comment on my article for The New Statesman about the first full-length* Georgian-language Vagina Monologues performance in Tbilisi, in which I interview fellow-blogger pasumonok and more. "Proud Georgian" graces us with the following words.
"*so whats the big fuss over people leaving because they do not like vagina talk? if it was vaginas walking away from mucho georgian talk this vagina media would be just fine but if its the other way around you guys call it conformity (typical). Well guess what? I do not conform to your way of thinking, were if anyone is anti gay or anti feminist or anti vagina propagandist, they are plain wrong. check yourselves, and in my opinion you are not so different from those angry men and women who hate your propaganda. you are like cops and criminals, although apparently different not very different in essence.there is nothing wrong with defending your rights and believes and expressing your dissatisfaction with the way things are.
next thing you know men in georgia will be just as men in us, castrated homos looking up to their mommies and female parters for aproval. screw that! I'd rather be loud and proud!
Peace, I'm out!

Thanks, Proud Georgian!

*I believe there was a trans-Caucasus "scenes from" that happened for V-day a while back.

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