Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New pieces up at Guernica and Lady Adventurer

Two new articles up this month! The first, from the excellently titled Lady Adventurer, is on Khevsureti, which is perhaps my favourite place in Georgia outside of Tbilisi, and by far my favourite mountain region.

Going to the Mountains

Everybody knows the mountains. My landlord tells me stories of stone towers and stolen icons; the taxi-driver warns me of the dangers of being bride-napped... More here...

The second article is a particular source of pleasure for me, as it's at one of my very favourite publications, Guernica, and because I've finally published a piece about something other than Tbilisi! It's a personal essay about the trip I took to Sicily a few years ago, focusing on Palermo rather than Cefalu - with some rare details about my bizarre family life.


I went to Palermo because it was home, and because nowhere else yet had been. I had too many stamps in my passport, too many languages only half-spoken, and a room in a shared house in England piled high with the talismans of my wanderings...Read more at the source.

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