Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tbilisi: The Edge of the Real » The Spectator

Essay on Tbilisi - up at the Spectator:

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The electricity will be on in one hour, says my landlady. She tells me that it is dark out all over town (ignoring the glittering chrome bridge over the Mtkvari River, ignoring the casino that casts neon shadows on the banks at night). She calls me ‘daughter’ and evades specifics. Won’t I come upstairs for dinner at eight, or perhaps nine? (She is so busy; she works so hard; she’ll ring when dinner is ready.) The call never comes. Read more.  


Maya Topadze Griggs said...
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Maya Topadze Griggs said...

woops almost forgot. Congratulations on receiving the award!

Fleur Flaneur said...

Hi Maya! Thanks so much for your kind words! I deleted your comment to preserve the anonymity of the person in the essay - I really was very fond of her, and think she's absolutely incredible (as you can see our meeting really moved me) but I did my best to semi-anonymize her in the article.

Maya Topadze Griggs said...

Sorry! I should have thought of that!