Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In Which I Discover What I'm Actually Doing with The Next Three Years of My Life

While I have a back-log of posts to get through (on the phenomenal M. Abramashvili Exhibition at the New Gallery, on varieties of lobiani, on the bath-houses, on Kakheti, Armenia, and Kazbegi), I wish to share with gentle readers the news that determines the course of this blog.
Post-finals, with the Very English Boyfriend.

As much as I do love Paris, I will not be moving there next year after all (although I haven't ruled it out in the future). Rather, thanks to some kind people with lots of money, I'll be able to stay in Oxford (and, by extension, to continue spending time in Tbilisi) to do my DPhil in Theology and fin de siecle literature (essentially, a DPhil in Aesthetes, Flaneurs, Cities, and God). In three years' time, I hope to be Dr. Fleur Flaneur.

For now, in addition to writing, my job title shall henceforth be "decadent theologian!"


Rui M. said...

Interesting :)

Anonymous said...

sorry i missed u when u were in tbilisi :-(
lika pasumonok

Saint Facetious said...

Awesome. And briefly the subject of lobiani was mentioned, I just discovered Shotis Lobiani. It's the big Georgian lavash but with bean curd inside. Awesome stuff. I'd never seen it before.