Friday, February 3, 2012


Our new place - 19th-century photo.
I've failed utterly. I had big dreams of starting an Enormously Useful Tbilisi Blog, filled with detailed insider information (where to buy vintage clothing in Tbilisi! A lobiani-comparison across neighborhoods) and charming-yet-relatable anecdotes about my eccentrically fabulous life.

Instead, I've left this blog dormant for far too long. I've been commuting back-and-forth between Tbilisi and Oxford (although I have, admittedly, left my original calling, and swapped out Byzantinism and patristics for nineteenth century theology and literature). My mother's moved back to Tbilisi, and we're in the process of renovating a recently purchased flat in Abanotubani. We're still living in the old (rented) place - and will likely continue to live there indefinitely, renting out the new place.

However, my transcultural experiences have in recent months been confined to Dealing With Oxford, which is highly pleasant and involves a great deal of charity-shop-scouring, indie-cafe-sitting, and theatrical productions, and Dealing With London, which involves trying not to get eaten by feral foxes nibbling abandoned styrofoam kebab boxes in Battersea (true story!).

Next month, however, I'll be heading back to Georgia with some serious excursions in mind: Vardzia, Kazbegi, Kakheti, and a jaunt to Armenia with my belly-dancing friend.

Hence, a slight refocusing of this blog - from now on I'll be covering vintage-clothes-buying, indie-cafe-sitting, culture-vulturing, and Bohemian Excursions in both Tbilisi and Oxford/London (and a few other countries, too). So, whether you're in the mountains of Svaneti or in the barbarous depths of Central London, you too can reap the benefits of my vintage-books-and-clothing-scouting, messiness-accruing, coffee-guzzling, lobiani-eating expeditionary research!

Upcoming Posts Include:
  • Bizarrely Good-Value Vintage Clothing in Tbilisi
  • How to Get Yourself a Tailored Glam-Rock Spikey-Shouldered Jacket in Tbilisi for 30 Pounds.
  • "Ajapsandali Panini!" - Or How to Find Georgian Food in London
  • How to Have a Not-Rubbish Weekend in Horrible London
  • How to Attend a White-Tie Function in Clothing Found Exclusively in Oxford Charity and Vintage Shops (Hunt Ball Edition)
  • Fleur Flaneur Attempts the Impossible: Getting Breakfast Out in Tbilisi

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